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At Tecvinser, we offer Competitive Intelligence services to help our clients gain a deep and up-to-date understanding of their business environment. We specialize in projects for industrial companies in the Chemical, Rubber and Plastics, and Food industries.

Our research and analysis experts are highly skilled in gathering relevant information about competitors, products, markets, and customers, and transforming into strategic and tactical insights useful for informed decision-making.

Our Competitive Intelligence services are customizable and tailored to the specific needs of each client, so they can obtain the information and knowledge necessary to make intelligent and well-informed decisions in their business.

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Competitive intelligence is defined as the process of defining, gathering, analyzing, and disseminating relevant information about competitors, products, markets, customers, and any aspect of the business environment that is useful for making strategic and tactical decisions in the organization.



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Technological Watch

We offer technology watch services to help your company stay up-to-date on the evolution of technologies in your market. We have extensive experience in monitoring and analyzing technological trends, identifying new technologies, and evaluating their impact on your industry. We offer personalized technology watch services, including patent monitoring, analysis of technological trends, identification of key competitors, and tracking of innovation in your industry. We provide detailed reports and accurate analysis so that your company can make informed decisions.

Competitive Watch

We offer Competitive Watch services designed to help your company stay ahead in your market. We monitor and analyze the competition, identifying their strengths and weaknesses, and obtaining valuable information about their corporate strategy. We offer a personalized approach to competitive watch, providing detailed reports and accurate analyses so that your company can make informed decisions and improve its position in the market.

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Commercial Watch

We offer commercial watch services to protect the interests of your company in the market. Our experts monitor and analyze markets, products, and trends to keep your company ahead. We perform supplier and customer surveillance, with the aim of identifying new business opportunities and markets. We provide personalized and confidential reports to help you make informed decisions and improve your position in the market.

Commercial support

As a complement to our Commercial Watch activities, we also offer Commercial Support and Accompaniment services for new commercial projects.

This commercial support includes the realization of market research reports adapted in real-time to your needs and personalised support for new commercial projects


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